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Bobby Flay Burger

27 Aug

It’s almost dinner time and I just finished eating lunch.

I just had a Bobby Flay Burger with fries. It was very filling! I ate most of the burger but left more than half of the fries.  I must admit the burger was just a little salty but I’m just sensitive to salt since I don’t really use that much salt when I cook. But overall it was enjoyable.


Vegetables I’ve Never Tried

29 Mar

As I read more cookbooks, blogs, recipes, etc, I’ve come to realize that there are a bunch of vegetables I’ve never tried.  It’s not that I don’t want to try these veggies it’s just that I have no idea how to make, prepare or combine them with the foods I make.  Here is a list of some of the veggies I steer clear from at the supermarket;

  1. Leek
  2. Parsnip
  3. Figs
  4. Mint
  5. Celery Root
  6. Zucchini Flowers
  7. Fennel
  8. Turnip

And it wasn’t up to a year ago that I finally ventured out and prepared some food with dill and thyme for the first time. Yeah sure I have tasted these two before but in restaurants.

What veggie haven’t your tried yet or recently tried?

Fish on Bleecker

6 Mar

On Friday I met my mother for lunch. We weren’t sure where to go but knew that it had to be a restaurant with a few seafood selections.  We stared to walk towards Greenwich Village and saw a bunch of Thai restaurants but I didn’t want spice.  We kept walking and my nose picked up the smell of fish and chips and yes it was, A Salt and Battery. Yum!  The menu was exactly what we wanted but with only a few seats by the window we decided to continue on our search.  As we kept walking I remembered reading a post about a restaurant called, Fish on Bleecker Street, we were just a few block away.  Finally, Fish! I ordered Lobster Cobb, the dressing was a little tangy and salty but the lobster and salad were really good.  My mother ordered Blacken Catfish, which was tasty but as for the sides it wasn’t my taste. The hush puppies tasted like a ball of Stove Top Stuffing and the collard greens had a sour taste. I must say the staff was very nice and attentive.  So would I go there again…yes.

Note To Self

25 Jan

On Friday we went out to dinner. Let me just say if a restaurant is know for a certain food/dish and you go there and eat something else you have nobody to blame but yourself.

Sunday’s I usually try to cook a meal that’ll last more than one day. So I cooked  roasted chicken, rosemary potatoes and veggies. The whole meal took about 2 hours to prepare and about 15 minutes to eat. WOW!!! Let’s not forget to mention the clean-up time.