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Happy 4th America!

3 Jul



Recipe: cakespy.com


Tasty Fig Salad

3 Jul

The other day I went to a Greek Restaurant and ate a wonderfully tasty arugula and fig salad. I was eating figs and it didn’t even taste like it I thought it was a grilled eggplant. I went online looking for a similar recipe and  I found a bunch but they all seem to be much different than what I had 😦  I guess I’ll have to improvise.

My First Macaroon

24 Apr

A few weeks ago I had my first taste of a French Macaroon.  It all happened by mistake thought.  I went to the Macy’s food section looking at their chocolate and candy, I was looking for anything French they might have. Yes, I’m going through a French stage. I want to eat, read and learn the language.  Anyway, Macy’s had nothing so I left and decide to just walk and catch my bus a few blocks away.  But long and behold a few blocks away I came across a French Cafe, that’s what the sign said.  I walked in and there were a bunch of different flavors of MACARONS.  OMG! Just as I gave up!  I bought a few and the first one I tasted was a slightly red colored raspberry macaroon.  It was delicious.  As I left the cafe I glanced up at the sign again and it said, French Cafe MACARON.   I had totally missed the Macaron part of the owning the first time.  Now I’m in search for the next macaron.

Wednesday Catch: You and Fruit

21 Apr


Go to the kitchen and check to see if you have any fruit in the house.  Do not include any of that syrupy canned fruits.  I’ll do the same….okay this is what I have

  • I have a huge PINEAPPLE that’s been sitting on the kitchen counter since Monday because I have no idea how to cut it.
  • I have a MANGO since last week that my husband has claimed but I believe it’s no longer edible since I picked it up yesterday and my finger nearly touched the pit.
  • I also have 3 ORANGES in a bowel on the kitchen counter.
  • In the fridge I have one LEMON, a few Red Delicious and Macintosh APPLES, and one PLUM.

And a few minutes ago I just finished eating 2 Sugar Plums.  Wow! I have more fruits than I thought. My parent would be proud.


Tuna Salad Lunch

14 Apr

Yesterday for lunch I bought tuna fish salad with alfalfa sprouts on whole wheat bread, price $6.48.  Crazy I know. Even crazier is that I have all the ingredients at home to make this.  Well, at least the sandwich was good.  Usually with the sandwich they give a free bag of chips but as I am trying to lose some inches I asked them for an orange instead.  I got it, half an orange thought. 

Cooking Fish

19 Mar

Since I have no car I have to walk a half a mile to my nearest grocery store. It’s an Asian specialty store.  I found that they had a bunch of crustaceans and fish.  I didn’t know what to get since there were many things to choose from but ultimately I got trout.  Now how to prepare the trout?  I can fry it but my apartment will stink. I just got rid of a curry smelling bacon my husband cooked 2 weeks ago. I can bake it but I always do that with fish. Maybe I should stick it in the broiler with some lemons.  It’s Friday maybe I should have a drink before I cook.  Have a great weekend!

Latin Dinner

26 Feb

It’s been snowing on and off since Wednesday night so driving and going out to eat is not an option. Tonight I will be making a new dish, a Peruvian dish, Lomo Saltado. Basically it’s stripes of beef with tomatoes, potatoes and a bunch of other stuff and of course a side of white rice.  A few sites have the recipes but I got mine from the show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives ( love the show).  Okay so this is what I wrote down while watching the show

Peruvian Lomo

  • Ribeye cut to strips and season with pepper, salt, grated garlic and some soy sauce
  • Oil pan with EVOO
  • Place meat in pan, brown then flip
  • Add onions, tomatoes a little bit of vinegar and about 1/2 cup of beer
  • Salt a little again and add the French Fries (home made or frozen)
  • Stir, Plate, and Garnish with Parsley

I have everything but the soy sauce but I think it’ll be okay.