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French Foodie Dream

4 Apr

For some reason unknown to me I’ve tumbled into a French dream. I read “Lunch in Paris” and now I’m reading “French Women Don’t Get Fat”. I’ve added some French blogs and sites to my blogroll and soon enough my MP3 player will have the romance language so I can learn and repeat. If I never step foot in France I’ll be disappointed but I guess I can drive up to Canada and hope for some macaroons and some French Onion Soup and practice my elementary French. I wonder if French Canada has open markets so I can buy fresh herbs, fish and an endless amount of pastries and cheese. My husband would love it!


Lunch in Paris

12 Mar

About a month ago I was looking at food blogs and some of them posted about the book, Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard and I’m happy to say I finally got it and hope to start reading it this weekend.  I was glad to find that there is also a Lunch in Paris blog.

Wednesday Catch: Paris

10 Feb

Today is the Wednesday Catch but before I get into that I must say that I’m in the middle of a blizzard. I went out for a few minutes and could not see a street block in front of me. There’s that much snow falling. To all those that need to be out today, be careful, take your time, walk and drive slowly.

So, I stumbled upon a blog that had to do with travels and food in Paris.  I always thought it would be nice to go to Paris but now I really feel that I need to save money and make it happen. I don’t care if I eat fast food and take pictures of beautifully prepared food and pastries all day. So here are a few of the sites I’ve come across: