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Grow Your Own

27 Apr

Sunday night on PBS, I caught a gimps of the documentary, Food Inc.  Have you seen it?  The few minutes I saw were very upsetting.  They showed cattle on very large areas of land that appeared to be bare from any grass.  Don’t get confused, the land they were on is not a farm but a factory.  Cows are fed corn to “beef” them up quicker.  Cows are meant to eat grass people! Corn is being consumed in outrages amounts even my humans and we are oblivious.  Grab a box of an edible product (maybe not even edible, check your shampoo or soap) and it probably has some corn product.  Don’t get me wrong I like my meat and chicken but I don’t want a sweatshop piece of meat.  My lunch today, no meat!  Dinner might be some wild fish or salad.  I don’t thing either will be safe in Food Inc though.  I think, I might just need to grow my own…EVERYTHING!


French Foodie Dream

4 Apr

For some reason unknown to me I’ve tumbled into a French dream. I read “Lunch in Paris” and now I’m reading “French Women Don’t Get Fat”. I’ve added some French blogs and sites to my blogroll and soon enough my MP3 player will have the romance language so I can learn and repeat. If I never step foot in France I’ll be disappointed but I guess I can drive up to Canada and hope for some macaroons and some French Onion Soup and practice my elementary French. I wonder if French Canada has open markets so I can buy fresh herbs, fish and an endless amount of pastries and cheese. My husband would love it!