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My First Macaroon

24 Apr

A few weeks ago I had my first taste of a French Macaroon.  It all happened by mistake thought.  I went to the Macy’s food section looking at their chocolate and candy, I was looking for anything French they might have. Yes, I’m going through a French stage. I want to eat, read and learn the language.  Anyway, Macy’s had nothing so I left and decide to just walk and catch my bus a few blocks away.  But long and behold a few blocks away I came across a French Cafe, that’s what the sign said.  I walked in and there were a bunch of different flavors of MACARONS.  OMG! Just as I gave up!  I bought a few and the first one I tasted was a slightly red colored raspberry macaroon.  It was delicious.  As I left the cafe I glanced up at the sign again and it said, French Cafe MACARON.   I had totally missed the Macaron part of the owning the first time.  Now I’m in search for the next macaron.


Wednesday Catch: Chocolate

24 Feb

Today, almost a week since my terrible cold I’m feeling much better but still my taste buds are lacking but it doesn’t mean I can’t look and blog about foods I love.

Today’s Wednesday Catch is…Chocolate. I LOVE chocolate as do so many people.  “According to a 2006 John Hopkins study it showed that eating chocolate everyday can be beneficial to your health.”  So eat up!

Here are a few chocolate sites to check out:

I can go on and on but I’ll leave it for another day.

Chocolate Alert: The City Sweet Tooth site has just informed us that Vere chocolate will be closing their doors for good but will be having a BlowOut Sale Tomorrow, Thursday Feb 25 2010. Location-NYC 12 West 27th street 2nd Floor.   20 Bars for $5.00. Cash only.

Friday dessert

29 Jan

Today is Friday and usually I don’t cook on Friday but today I might be cooking. It’s too cold out there.  I rather stay home open some wine and cook while playing some music to keep me moving.  I’ll have to go grab my coupons and my supermarket circular and put a grocery list together.  I don’t know what I’ll be making for dinner but for dessert I might make something I found on  Bakerella.com , a Peach Crunch Cake.  What are you making for dinner? Dessert?