Bobby Flay Burger

27 Aug

It’s almost dinner time and I just finished eating lunch.

I just had a Bobby Flay Burger with fries. It was very filling! I ate most of the burger but left more than half of the fries.  I must admit the burger was just a little salty but I’m just sensitive to salt since I don’t really use that much salt when I cook. But overall it was enjoyable.


Pop Tart Sushi

17 Aug

Would you eat this Pop Tart Sushi Roll?

Very Colorful and probably too sweet!

Lobster in Lake George

2 Aug

This weekend we had a great time in Lake George, NY.  There were so many places to eat and so many things to do but not enough time 😦   We  did go to a really good restaurant for lunch, The Lobster Pot.  I ordered Oysters, OMG Delicious! And the hubby had Surf and Turf which tasted so good.  I would love to go back and eat there again.  If you’re in the area try to make it part of your lunch/dinner destination.

Pineapple Bars

6 Jul

Over the weekend as I was trying to beat the heat I tried an Edy’s Fruit Bar the flavor Pineapple and I must say it was like eating the actual fruit. It was sooooo good! It reminded me of when I would go out shopping with my father and he would buy me a Pineapple ices from the Pizza shop. Edy’s also has  a bunch of other flavors but why try them when I can’t get enough of the Pineapple one  😉

Happy 4th America!

3 Jul




Tasty Fig Salad

3 Jul

The other day I went to a Greek Restaurant and ate a wonderfully tasty arugula and fig salad. I was eating figs and it didn’t even taste like it I thought it was a grilled eggplant. I went online looking for a similar recipe and  I found a bunch but they all seem to be much different than what I had 😦  I guess I’ll have to improvise.

Rhode Island Parrot

30 May

Last week I went to Rhode Island and ate at The Red Parrot Restaurant.  Their menu has way to many choices. The menu actually comes in a binder.  They have a bunch of drinks like Mango Mango Colada, Red Parrot Rum-Bha, Jungle Voo Doo and of course an assortment of wines.  I couldn’t drink, I had a cold which I still kinda have 😦  . I ordered the Cape Cod Lobster Bisque which had cheese or at least tasted like cheese to someone with a stuffy nose and a sore throat and taking a bunch of meds.  And for a meal I had the Grilled Mahi Mahi with a lime ginger marinade and I must say it was really tasty even with my suppressed sense of smell and taste.  Hope to make it back on day and explore Rhode Island some more.