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Eataly In NYC

12 Dec

This weekend I took a walk and ended up at Eataly. I had my camera ready to take pictures but I was to overwhelmed with all there was to see that I forgot to take my camera out from my pocket 😦  But let me just say I will be back and pictures will be taken.  If you haven’t heard of Eataly, it just everything Italy. Eataly has a mixture of imported items and locally made items, all good.  I bought an artisan bread that was so tasty.  Tune in for pics at a later date 😉


Lobster in Lake George

2 Aug

This weekend we had a great time in Lake George, NY.  There were so many places to eat and so many things to do but not enough time 😦   We  did go to a really good restaurant for lunch, The Lobster Pot.  I ordered Oysters, OMG Delicious! And the hubby had Surf and Turf which tasted so good.  I would love to go back and eat there again.  If you’re in the area try to make it part of your lunch/dinner destination.

Rhode Island Parrot

30 May

Last week I went to Rhode Island and ate at The Red Parrot Restaurant.  Their menu has way to many choices. The menu actually comes in a binder.  They have a bunch of drinks like Mango Mango Colada, Red Parrot Rum-Bha, Jungle Voo Doo and of course an assortment of wines.  I couldn’t drink, I had a cold which I still kinda have 😦  . I ordered the Cape Cod Lobster Bisque which had cheese or at least tasted like cheese to someone with a stuffy nose and a sore throat and taking a bunch of meds.  And for a meal I had the Grilled Mahi Mahi with a lime ginger marinade and I must say it was really tasty even with my suppressed sense of smell and taste.  Hope to make it back on day and explore Rhode Island some more.

Where’s the Bread?

5 Apr

Last night I prepared tuna for lunch. Today I put the tuna into a tupperware and sealed it alone without its partner, wheat bread.  Yesterday when I remembered I had no bread I went to the store and and all I saw was an empty parking lot. Supermarket closed! I couldn’t believe it, they never close and for holidays they usually close early. But of course on Easter Sunday, closed, and no bread for me.  Today I must confess I stole 2 pieces of wheat bread from the cafeteria because paying $2 for it seemed ridiculous.  My tuna lunch was great.   Now, I need a spoon for my yogurt. 😉

Cooking Fish

19 Mar

Since I have no car I have to walk a half a mile to my nearest grocery store. It’s an Asian specialty store.  I found that they had a bunch of crustaceans and fish.  I didn’t know what to get since there were many things to choose from but ultimately I got trout.  Now how to prepare the trout?  I can fry it but my apartment will stink. I just got rid of a curry smelling bacon my husband cooked 2 weeks ago. I can bake it but I always do that with fish. Maybe I should stick it in the broiler with some lemons.  It’s Friday maybe I should have a drink before I cook.  Have a great weekend!

Fish on Bleecker

6 Mar

On Friday I met my mother for lunch. We weren’t sure where to go but knew that it had to be a restaurant with a few seafood selections.  We stared to walk towards Greenwich Village and saw a bunch of Thai restaurants but I didn’t want spice.  We kept walking and my nose picked up the smell of fish and chips and yes it was, A Salt and Battery. Yum!  The menu was exactly what we wanted but with only a few seats by the window we decided to continue on our search.  As we kept walking I remembered reading a post about a restaurant called, Fish on Bleecker Street, we were just a few block away.  Finally, Fish! I ordered Lobster Cobb, the dressing was a little tangy and salty but the lobster and salad were really good.  My mother ordered Blacken Catfish, which was tasty but as for the sides it wasn’t my taste. The hush puppies tasted like a ball of Stove Top Stuffing and the collard greens had a sour taste. I must say the staff was very nice and attentive.  So would I go there again…yes.

Lunch Date with Mom

5 Mar

Today I’m meeting up with my mother, we’re having lunch. Since she is not eating meat on Friday’s because of Lent I have to find a place with good seafood. I found a few places but with mixed reviews. I would love a Prix-Fixe menu. I just don’t know what kind of food she’d like, French, Chinese, Mexican… I’ll speak to her later and of course she’ll probably say “whatever you want” and of course I have no idea.