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Eataly In NYC

12 Dec

This weekend I took a walk and ended up at Eataly. I had my camera ready to take pictures but I was to overwhelmed with all there was to see that I forgot to take my camera out from my pocket 😦  But let me just say I will be back and pictures will be taken.  If you haven’t heard of Eataly, it just everything Italy. Eataly has a mixture of imported items and locally made items, all good.  I bought an artisan bread that was so tasty.  Tune in for pics at a later date 😉


Pineapple Bars

6 Jul

Over the weekend as I was trying to beat the heat I tried an Edy’s Fruit Bar the flavor Pineapple and I must say it was like eating the actual fruit. It was sooooo good! It reminded me of when I would go out shopping with my father and he would buy me a Pineapple ices from the Pizza shop. Edy’s also has  a bunch of other flavors but why try them when I can’t get enough of the Pineapple one  😉

Tasty Fig Salad

3 Jul

The other day I went to a Greek Restaurant and ate a wonderfully tasty arugula and fig salad. I was eating figs and it didn’t even taste like it I thought it was a grilled eggplant. I went online looking for a similar recipe and  I found a bunch but they all seem to be much different than what I had 😦  I guess I’ll have to improvise.